At First.

My first blog not concerned with grammar or being politcally corrent. This is something im doing to help as a release from my own mind.

Im sitting here watching rouge one on netflix at 2:10 am after getting home from watching dunkirk which i didnt care for. My mind will not shut off, Im thinking of a girl that i cant have, the one thing that makes sense and feels right is the one thing i cant have. How typical right? We always want what we cant have.

My life is in turmoil and its taking a toll on me, maybe not on the outside but certainly in my own mind. The feeling of drowning is the best way to describe it.

Chester Bennington killed himself yesterday which is crazy, i didnt listen to them much after meteora but never the less its a sad story and a damn shame. The past 2 days ive been really jamming them and i had totally forgot just how good those first few albums were…RIP.

I know this is kinda all over the place, and i guess thats the point..a brief peek into my mind. My inner struggle.




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