To many this number will mean nothing, to some It will be associated with the halo series of video games which is where I first saw it.

Since the first time I saw this number it has haunted me, it appears literally everywhere. I see it on license plates, billboards, movies, number of comments and likes, stuff that I buy and the later discover this number. I literally ordered new bars for my bike and when I put them on I look down and see “M117” engraved on the bars..

Is this number good or bad luck? Is this just a coincidence? I cannot tell but I’ve seen this number reoccur nearly everyday since 2007.

I dont know what to think about this, maybe the universe is trying to tell me something and I’m just not connecting the dots so it just keeps reoccurring.. I have no idea but I do know that im seeing it more and more recently and its getting to feel pretty strange.

Maybe I should start a log of where I see it…hmm

Does anyone else have any stories about a reoccurring number in their life? If so I’d love to hear about it..



I fear that I am just an end.”

How do i know that anyone cares?.. A question i ask myself daily, are we supposed to simply have faith in the words another person says? or is caring based more on their actions? For me, I’ve never felt like anyone really cared. I Learned a long time ago to never believe a word that someone says, and any action towards me that was seemingly “affectionate” seemed to always have a motive behind it.

I sit here tonight wishing to talk to only one person, perhaps the only person i have ever really cared for. Does she care though?…and even if she says yes, does she really mean it or is she just saying it save our 12 year friendship?…

The brain runs wild with thoughts at night and its hard to deal with to be honest..



At First.

My first blog post..im not concerned with grammar or being politcally corrent. This is something im doing to help as a release from my own mind. Im sitting here watching rouge one on netflix at 2:10 am after getting home from watching dunkirk which i … Continue reading At First.